Competent Authorities

1.    "Competent authorities" shall mean the public authorities which supervise the compliance of obliged persons with the provisions of this Law.

2.    The competent authorities are:

a)    the Bank of Greece for:

  • credit institutions;
  • leasing companies;
  • factoring companies;
  • bureaux de change;
  • intermediaries in funds transfers;
  • credit companies;
  • the undertakings of point jf of paragraph 3 of Article 4 hereof; and
  • postal companies, only to the extent that they act as intermediaries in funds transfers. The Bank of Greece, in supervising these companies,  cooperates with the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the National Telecommunications and Post Commission; 
  • insurance companies; 
  • insurance intermediaries.

b)    the Hellenic Capital Market Commission for:

  • portfolio investment companies in the form of a societe anonyme;
  • management companies of mutual funds;
  • management companies of mutual funds investing in real estate;
  • management companies of mutual funds for venture capital;
  • investment firms and
  • investment intermediary firms.

c)   the Accounting and Auditing Supervisory Commission for chartered accountants and audit firms;

d)    The Ministry of Economy and Finance (General Directorate of Tax Controls) for:

  • venture capital firms;
  • companies providing business capital;
  • tax consultants, tax experts and related firms;
  • independent accountants and private auditors;
  • real estate agents and related firms;
  • auction houses;
  • dealers in high value goods;
  • auctioneers; and
  • pawnbrokers;

e)    the Gambling Control Commission of law 3229/2004 (O.G.G. A 38) for:

  • casino enterprises;
  • casinos operating on ships flying the Greek flag;
  • companies, organisations and other entities engaged in gambling activities; and
  • betting outlets;

f)    the Ministry of Justice

  • for notaries
  • lawyers;

g)    the Ministry of Development for the persons referred to in point n of paragraph 1 of Article 5;

h)    for branches in Greece of financial institutions having their register office abroad, the competent authority shall be the corresponding authority responsible for domestic financial institutions conducting activities similar to those of such foreign financial institutions.

Unit A, Financial Intelligence Unit 

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Unit B, Financial Sanctions Unit

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Unit C, Source of Funds Investigation Unit

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